The Tour

The idea for the tour came very quickly after the first annual conference and was borne out of the team’s desire to connect with those faithfully praying across the county; we didn’t want to be ‘just an annual conference’, we wanted to be connected with people throughout the year, encouraging one another and spurring each other on into the greater things God has for us all.

Our desire isn’t to create a static template that we hold to year in year out. We are seeking God for His creativity and to follow His leading from year to year and place to place. So what we do in 2016 is different to what we did in 2015, and what we do in following years will also likely look different!

Many places across our county has seen countless people over the years speak very negatively over the places in which we live. These ‘curses’ have done nothing to help our communities thrive and grow. We want to say to every place in our county that it is significant in the sight of God and we seek to bring blessing to these ‘cursed’ places and undo the negativity. It is such a privilege to part of such a movement!